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A crown/onlay is a custom made cap to protect badly decayed teeth, or prolong the life of teeth with large fillings

There are lots of different types of crowns/onlays. The can be made from Metal, Ceramics or plastic. Sometimes a mix of these materials can be used, such as a combination of ceramic over metal, to give a great appearance and maximise strength.

To make a crown first we need to ensure we have enough space to fit a crown. This involves trimming down the decayed or heavily filled tooth, usually under local anaesthetic. A mould is then taken and sent to a skilled technician at a dental laboratory, who fabricates the crown, A temporary crown is made for the trimmed tooth to protect it while the permanent crown is made.

At the next appointment the temporary crown is remove and the permanent crown tried in to make sure it fits and looks great. If all is correct it is then bonded to the tooth.

While crowns are very strong and cant decay, it is important to remember that the underlying tooth can still get decay or gum disease.

Good dental hygiene, as recommended by our dentists and hygienists, along with regular check ups to detect any problems early are essential in ensuring the crown and tooth remain trouble free for a long period of time.

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